Case Study

CCIS Quickly Adopts Givelife365 To Manage The Complexity Of A Tri-Provincial Project

about givelife365

“GiveLife365 has proven to be an integral component of our project and a key resource in measuring our outputs. The customer service provided by the GiveLife365 team was phenomenal, as they were highly responsive to our feedback, listened to our needs, troubleshot solutions to challenges that arose, and provided behind the scenes support as we launched this novel and ambitious project. Both the platform and the people were very helpful in making our project run smoothly.”

Jocelyn Davis

Project Manager at CCIS

“It was a pleasure to work with Alphavima as we launched an ambitious, dynamic, and entirely new project. We are grateful for the support Alphavima provided. The expertise and responsiveness of the team, coupled with the utility of the database, played a major role in our ability to quickly and smoothly implement a customized solution to address our needs.”

Jocelyn Davis

Project Manager at CCIS

CCIS (Calgary Catholic Immigration Society) is a non-profit organization that provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta. As a new tri-provincial pilot project, CCIS needed to have robust data collection mechanisms to collect information to identify, track and analyze the patterns and trends in client needs. They partnered with GiveLife365 to manage this data so it could be used to address gaps and better serve vulnerable populations across the Prairies.

Customer challenges

Without database management software, it was difficult to monitor the progress of the project and measure the monthly targets and goals. Besides being a very time-consuming and narrow reporting process, there was a risk of working in silos as information sharing became difficult. Without technology to support their data management strategy, there would be missed opportunities to meet client requirements across the region. There was a lack of insights to deeply understand the landscape of their clients’ needs.

GiveLife365 solution

Under exceedingly tight timelines, the attention to detail in developing the database made a big difference in the ease of adoption and overall rollout as it was tailored to the unique needs of the client’s project. The GiveLife365 CRM solution was very user-friendly, which minimized the learning curve. This was especially important as there was limited time for users to become familiar with the platform. Despite the time constraints, the CCIS team smoothly adopted the GiveLife365 solution for their data management.

Customer benefits

GiveLife365, built on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365, was a major time-saver as it replaced many check-in meetings and eliminated the need to maintain numerous tedious spreadsheets. The intuitive reporting dashboards built on Microsoft’s Power BI, provided key statistics to evaluate the project’s service delivery and impact. That enabled them to share progress reports to their funder, as well as to easily monitor the project (as a whole, as individual organizations, and by province).

Collecting reliable information to effectively communicate the impact and operating on very tight timelines, made GiveLife365 the preferred solution for its ease of use as well as accommodating the complexity of a tri-provincial project.