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When it comes to making decisions, we humans aren’t always independent thinkers. So here are some customer quotes, perspectives, and opinions from some of our most valued customers.


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Adam Wood

IT office, M and GN

“Moving a society of this age to a new modern system is no small case from both the technical and business changes. GiveLife365 partnered with M&GN to complete a PoC to help with creating a business case to modernize M&GN’s membership system. The deployment of GiveLife365 was split into manageable delivery packages which helped with business change.“


Anick Silencieux

Executive Director, SBC

“Givelife365 Gives Us The Peace Of Mind To Efficiently Scale Our Operations By Helping Streamline, Customize, Centralize And Automate Most Of Our Daily, Weekly Or Monthly Operational Tasks.“


Pascale Décosse Léger

Communication Director, SBC

“By moving to a centralized cloud-based platform, we can better organize and track all the different types of incoming communication from members, subscribers, general inquiries, and donors.“


Soledad Silencieux

Programs Director, SBC

“GiveLife365 has greatly simplified the management of our growing member database with reporting options. It also allows us to easily implement and tract metrics of new or current programs.“


Janice Schwartz

Executive Director, PC Project

“After Working With An Outdated Database, We Needed To Scale Up To A System That Could Help Us Streamline Our Workflow As Our Nonprofit Continues To Grow. The Givelife365 Solution On Top Of Dynamics 365 Provided Us The Right Platform To Achieve That. “


Holly Evans

Patient Support Officer, PC Project

“With GiveLife365, we have an integrated CRM to organize and connect with our patients, caregivers, physicians, researchers, industry partners, and other contacts. “


Janice Schwartz

Executive Director, PC Project

“Having secure, cloud-based data that is supported and HIPAA-protected is essential for us to be efficient in our processes. We were able to adapt, in large part, due to GiveLife365.“


Shan Abbasi

Manager, Community Engagement Volunteer MBC

“GiveLife365 has been an asset to our non-profit organization, Volunteer MBC. By tapping into the power of Dynamics 365, it really makes it possible to streamline our work. It does a good job of putting things into a non-profit context and allows us to manage our contacts effectively, including our current and prospective donors, partners, employees, volunteers and others. Having everything in one place and navigating smoothly between them has been important. Looking forward to seeing its future development and benefiting from it immediately. “


Madhuri Payidiparty

Coordinator, Community Connections

“Givelife365 has allowed our organization, Volunteer MBC, to bring all aspects of contact and volunteer management to one platform and especially to seamlessly connect to our referral database, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. The customizable Power BI dashboards and comprehensive reports are what set it apart. “


Robert MacFarlane

Consultant, Referral Services Volunteer MBC

“The ‘Referral Service’ is the core offering of Volunteer MBC, an interface between aspiring volunteers and community service organizations. ‘GiveLife365’ on top of Dynamics 365 has enhanced our connectivity will hugely ease our internal administration, as it links information designed to facilitate online service to all our stakeholders. “


Jocelyn Davis

CCIS, Alberta

“It was a pleasure to work with Alphavima as we launched an ambitious, dynamic, and entirely new project. We are grateful for the support Alphavima provided. The expertise and responsiveness of the team, coupled with the utility of the database, played a major role in our ability to quickly and smoothly implement a customized solution to address our needs.”

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