Microsoft Non-Profit Cloud Security Advice for Non-profit Leaders

Microsoft Non-Profit Cloud Security Advice for Non-profit Leaders

Find out how to accelerate your mission while staying secure with the insights shared in this ebook for Microsoft Non-Profit Cloud. The ebook includes five ways that Microsoft 365 can help you further realize the possibilities of the cloud while achieving a strong foundation in security and compliance.

Digital transformation provides many benefits for non-profits. It can empower your staff to collaborate more effectively from anywhere, on any device, knowing that vital data is safe against cyber threats. It can also reduce the time required to manage your technology infrastructure. This way, you can allocate more resources to your non-profit organization's mission.

As digital information becomes increasingly central to furthering your organization's mission, so does your responsibility to keep it secure. A more diverse ecosystem of devices and applications, the growing tendency toward remote work, and proliferating cyber threats combine to create unique challenges. The choices you make today can have a long-lasting impact on your organization’s ability to create value and thrive in an ever-more connected global environment. That is where Microsoft Non-Profit Cloud services fill in the gap.

Taking advantage of the investment and experience of cloud providers in security, compliance, and privacy can help you realize the many productivity-enhancing benefits of the cloud while protecting your non-profit and reducing risk. Cloud technology can reduce the burden on your IT and legal departments while enabling you to benefit from global scale, intelligent threat-detection, and a deeply connected global environment.

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