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Out of the box features and configuration options to engage donors, track volunteers, manage memberships, plan campaigns, and much more.. no matter how big or small you are!

Cloud-Based CRM For Non-Profits Organizations Of All Sizes

GiveLife365, powered by Microsoft Power Platform, integrates all of the tools you use daily. Its native integration with Office 365 and Marketing/Financial tools makes GiveLife a one-stop-shop for Non-Profits of all sizes. It enables Non-Profits to integrate all their operational functions such as donor profiles and donation pages, volunteer recruitment and reporting, marketing automation, grants lifecycles, membership onboarding, and renewals, etc, all on one platform!

Non-Profits have to deal with multiple constituents, processes, and fundraising/donation programs. Thus, GiveLife365’s CRM solution that is customizable, scalable, integration-ready, and designed with high usability enables Non-Profits to increase their impetus by leveraging its technology.

By providing a comprehensive CRM solution built on a robust Microsoft platform, GiveLife365 empowers your organization to manage your operational tasks efficiently, work more effectively and fund the organization’s growth.

CRM Software For Non-Profit Organizations


A Natural Fit

GiveLife, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, integrates all of the tools you use daily. Its native integration with Office 365 and Marketing/Financial tools make GiveLife a one-stop-shop.



GiveLife365’s integration with Microsoft Teams combines workplace chat, video meetings, and file storage easily. With the growing role of remote work in today’s Non-Profit environment, your employees and volunteers need a reliable and secure virtual collaboration platform to bring everyone together. With Microsoft Teams, you can help your team and volunteers stay connected, productive, and efficient.



Boost your marketing efforts by modernizing and automating your marketing activities. GiveLife365 makes tailored communication possible by allowing you to create automated email responses. You can set up automated email triggers based on specific actions such as submitting a website form or other digital interactions. This way, you can send out your message to the right person at the right time.


Access From Anywhere

Being a cloud-based Non-Profit CRM, you and your team can launch and access the system on any browser or using the Dynamics 365 app. Get the information you need anywhere, anytime, and on any device!


Dynamic Content

Givelife365 provides a portal web-based front end. This allows Non-Profits to build low-code, responsive websites accessible to all external users. Create custom landing pages with forms for your fundraising campaigns or donations. These web pages are integrated with your GiveLife365 CRM so you do not need to manually enter any website form submissions. With secure payment gateway integration — supports cards, wallets, local payment methods​, you can provide seamless donor-centric experiences.


Data Insights

GiveLife365 leverages Microsoft’s Power BI, a user-friendly interface enabling your Non-Profit organization to transform your data into rich visual representations. With this, your data will magically reveal insights and spot trends to help Non-Profit leaders make informed decisions.

A CRM System That Scales With Your Organization’s Growth And Needs

Powered By Microsoft Dynamics 365, Givelife Is Designed To Scale Along With The Momentum Of Your Non-Profit’s Operations, Matching Your Growth And Adapting To Your Changing Needs.

Donor Management Software For Non-Profits

Donor Management

GiveLife365’s Donor Management module helps Non-Profits establish donors and manage donor relationships. It also enables to build and manage a wide range of fund development activities. Once a donor contact is created, the system enables you to manage the essential features such as profiles, interaction history, donation history, memberships, subscriptions, and fund allocation. Now you have a unified data repository for all your donor-related information in one place.

Donor Management Software For Non-Profits

Volunteer Management

Getting the right individuals to volunteer for your initiatives will require managing intake and skill matching, creating future volunteer opportunities, scheduling, and reporting​. GiveLife365 helps you with the creation of volunteer registrations and opportunities, assigning responsibilities to volunteers, scheduling, and time-management tracking of volunteer efforts.

  • Instant volunteer record creation
  • Enrolment progress tracking in CRM
  • Assigning responsibilities to volunteers
  • Scheduling and time-management tracking of volunteer efforts
Donor Management Software For Non-Profits

Membership Management

The greatest advantage of the membership management module is to help Non-Profit organizations to streamline operational tasks associated with member data. GiveLife365 makes your life easy by enabling you to manage member registration and self-service portal, store data by membership tiers, send auto-renewal notifications, manage billing and online payments, and more. This empowers Non-Profit to establish and manage additional revenue streams, offer additional member privileges, and provide unique engagement experiences that will help to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with invested supporters.

  • Create, assign and manage memberships
  • A holistic view of all the subscribers at a single location for each plan
  • Creation and allocation of discounts
  • Automated subscription renewal reminder emails
Donor Management Software For Non-Profits

Campaign Management

The Campaign Management module is a robust enabler for executing marketing strategies and communications. Equipped with automation and insights on your constituent interactions and engagement level with your Non-Profit, you can tailor your messaging to resonate with them instantly and take action. Furthermore, marketing analytics provide you with valuable insight into the success of your campaigns. Thus, you can leverage those insights to get a greater return on your marketing ROI.

The CRM enables Non-Profits to:

  • Create and manage campaigns
  • Create unique target audience lists
  • Send bulk emails with personalized messaging based on constituent behaviour
  • Track and monitor campaign activities
  • Report on campaign success metrics
  • Grow event registrations
  • Integration with Outlook/enterprise email system to synchronize contacts, calendar, tasks
Donor Management Software For Non-Profits

Grant Management

GiveLife365 helps Non-Profits manage the grant lifecycle effectively, from the discovery of a prospective grant to successful execution. Using the CRM’s task-based workflows, ensure you don’t miss any of the deadlines/milestones the grant requires. GiveLife365 functions help Non-Profits:

  • Manage the funding organizations
  • Track fund disbursement and status of underlying projects
  • Improves tracking grant applications
Donor Management Software For Non-Profits


GiveLife365 gives you the ability to oversee all sponsorship activities, like cultivating the sponsor prospects to sponsor your organization’s events or causes. With task-based workflows, GiveLife365 makes sure you track any sponsorship opportunities and associated revenue.

  • Create customizable sponsorship packages along with their associated benefits
  • Track sponsor information, payments, discounts and revenue etc all at a single place.
Donor Management Software For Non-Profits

Impact Reporting

GiveLife365’s impact reporting module helps you to streamline the way you capture, monitor and produce real-time reports on your financial, social and environmental impact. What it does:

  • Automatically track recent fundraising activity and transactions raised for current and previous campaigns, grants or any other source of funding
  • Fund allocation to a particular program or project
  • Track important metrics like donor retention rate, acquisition rate and average gift size
  • Allows you to accurately measure program outcomes and tie them to donations
  • Aggregate revenue and expense transactions to provide greater visibility into program sustainability and financial transparency

Flawless integration with the tools you love

Givelife365 provides a scalable publish–discover–reuse framework that enables Non-Profits to boost productivity and empower them with a growing set of codeless integrations for popular business apps. Connect workflows to the apps you need to build a connected Non-Profit via an ever-increasing set of integrations. Givelife365 integration grows over time from simple data management into a comprehensive ecosystem of connected applications.


What Can You Expect From Givelife365?

  • Manage all data of your constituents in one centralized location. Access the data from anywhere, anytime.

  • Use automated business workflows to easily organize your data faster. Pre-built integrations that allow easier maintenance, data availability, and better collaboration.

  • Manage marketing and customer service in one location to reduce administrative burden. Attract new constituents, build constituent engagement, and together inspire the community you serve.

  • Business intelligence and reporting features on constituents’ donations by amount or frequency, volunteer efforts and skill matching, renewals due, etc to help improve business processes.

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